Why uPVC Is Better Than Timber Double Glazing

If you are considering double glazing your house, then congratulations! You’re already on the way to saving yourself money in heating bills, doing your bit for the environment, and improving the look of your home! The next step to consider is the type of double glazing you require:

You can't go wrong with uPVC (un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride). Not only is it the cheapest type of double glazing out there, it is also the most energy efficient! Why? PVC has plasticisers added, making the material soft and more malleable. Because the material for uPVC double glazed windows has not had these plasticisers added, the resulting item is solid and hard and ideal for use in the creation of durable double glazed window frames.

There really is no contest when comparing timber and uPVC frames. The advantages of installing uPVC double glazing far outweigh any benefits timber double glazing might yield.

Durable Low Maintenance Windows
uPVC is more durable and robust than wood, withstanding the effects of our delightful British weather much more effectively. Your uPVC glazing will have a much longer lifespan than wooden frames, saving you money long term. They also need less maintenance than wood: you don't need to worry about painting and staining them every few years. In fact, they barely need any maintenance at all, just a wipe with a clean, damp cloth every so often.

However well timber frames are maintained, they, like all natural products, will age and need replacing. uPVC is botox for window frames! Unlike their weathered timber relatives, uPVC frames continue to look new and fresh. They do not succumb to the effects of rain and frost which can have detrimental effects on timber frames, causing them to rot and discolour.

Whilst uPVC is desirable for us humans, it is of no interest to insects such as wood worm and termites, which prefer wood every time! Who wants to spend time and money treating their window frames, only to do it all again the following year? Buying uPVC double glazing is guaranteed to save you money and time.

Concerned About The Environment?
Installing uPVC window frames in your home means you will be using less energy: Better for the environment as well as your wallet. You will instantly notice how warmer your house feels. This is because this eco energy saving insulation retains heat, which means no more drafts! uPVC is also a recyclable material and arguably has less impact on the environment than timber manufactured products.

Other benefits include noise reduction, increased security and reduced condensation.

In summary, uPVC is weather proof. uPVC is insect proof. uPVC is age proof: uPVC is PROOF that you can have it all without paying through the roof (or the windows).
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