uPVC Conservatory Installations

Adding a conservatory to your home could be one of the best decisions of your life. It may sound dramatic, but not only will your new conservatory add value to your home, you will also notice an improvement in your mood and general wellbeing. Imagine all the benefits of your favourite room, with the added bonus of allowing you to enjoy your garden at the same time! We all like to be able to sit out in the garden to relax, especially on a balmy summer evening. However, this tranquillity is so often spoilt once it begins to rain, or the temperature suddenly drops. Our Lincoln based uPVC conservatories literally ‘conserve’ the summer; allowing you to enjoy your garden setting, but keeping you warm, dry and comfortable at the same time. Being surrounded by nature is good for mind, body and spirit, and a conservatory allows you to enjoy your garden all year round. Bringing the outside inside becomes even more possible as tropical plants thrive in conservatories!

Extra Room For Your Home
Many people decide to have a conservatory built because they need more space. And let's face it, it's a cheaper option than moving to a bigger house. Your conservatory can become that one room that hasn't been invaded by toys, TVs, toddlers and teenagers. This can become a room for tranquillity and time-out.

Conservatories are also great places for socialising; your guests can admire your garden whilst staying warm and comfortable. Simply sit indoors whilst being able to watch your children play outside. Some people choose to maximise space by using this extra space as a dining room or a play room. The possibilities are endless...

Quality Robust Build
Our uPVC double glazing allows for easy transfer of natural sunlight, which is much better for your mood than artificial light and can help combat SAD in the winter months. When it is hot outside, you need not worry about the overheating of the structure, as the UPVC windows will maintain the temperature. Our A rated energy efficient uPVC frames, double glazed units and fully insulated base and walls means that you will feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As uPVC double glazing helps to retain heat, you should notice a reduction in your heating costs.

Having a conservatory is a big decision, but once built, you will find it very easy to maintain. uPVC is durable and long lasting, meaning it won't succumb to harsh weather conditions like timber framed buildings might. You won't have to worry about painting, varnishing or treating it, and cleaning it is a doddle, leaving more time for you to relax and unwind!

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