How much is a Conservatory?

Putting a price on a new conservatory without knowing more about your requirements is a "how long is a piece of string" question - factors affecting cost include materials used, the size and shape required, and the complexity of design. However, the financial cost of bringing the outdoors indoors is never going to be wasted money as the added value to your home usually outweighs the cost of installation. It can be a great investment that you can really enjoy!

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Summer space or family room?
Modern uPVC and aluminium construction materials make your finished conservatory relatively low-maintenance and durable, not to mention relatively lightweight and flexible in terms of designs that will fit with your home. Traditionally, conservatories were seen as sun rooms and use was limited to warmer months, but new construction materials and insulation techniques mean a conservatory can be efficiently heated and used all year round.

Don't frighten the neighbours - Privacy issues
In addition to keeping the sounds of the outside world out, you should consider keeping your own family noise in - anyone who has sat in a modern construction conservatory without a double glazing on the polycarbon roof can attest to the deafening roar of even a gentle rain shower. As with your main living areas, double glazing makes all the difference to noise pollution. Long blinds will also afford you both a noise and visual barrier from the outside world.

If you needed a further incentive to take the plunge, a quick search on house prices in your street, and a comparison between those with and without a sunroom or conservatory space can show you what a difference adding an extra room would make to the value of your home! Click here to read more about the benefits of conservatories.

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